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The necessity of temperature logging in vaccine cold chain transportation.

Biovaccine is very sensitive to temperature

Biovaccine is a special medical, it must have very strict cold chain temperature insulation request, excessive high or low temperature would had bad affect to the biovaccine quality.

As the vaccine is sensitive to temperature , from the manufacturing and application field, every process may not comply the standard quality due to the temperature failure, and in the storage and transportation, once the temperature limit is out of rang from 2℃~8℃, it should be destroyed.

As the vaccine is very special, it has very strict request for transportation and storage, one complete chain can be with any break. Any deviation would cause the degeneration and lose efficacy.

Hardware and software both need in cold chain transportation

In the transportation of vaccine, both the professional vehicle and temperature monitoring system are necessary, and the professional vehicle in good conditions is the premise of vaccine cold chain transportation.

The enterprise who produce or manage the biovaccine, should has the cold storage and transportation equipment, in the transportation process, for the temperature sensitive medical should have temperature insulation and cold storage solution, for the vehicles and cold storage box, should can control and display temperature conditions, and medical transportation should be finished in the specified time limit, and the vehicle can’t to be as storage field.

In the production, transportation, storage and distribution of the vaccine, the cold storage equipment is a must, vaccine should be put in the specified temperature conditions, ensure the vaccine is in temperature insulation.