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Compact Temperature Data Logger Designed for Banana Transportation

pageview: 2021-09-28

Banana is a kind of fruit that most people like to eat. We can see it in any supermarket or fruit shop. Although easily available in most parts of the world, bananas usually grow in the tropics, thousands of miles and weeks away from inland cities. How did they make their way to you in a consistently perfect condition? About this, our series of temperature datalogger will be the best explanation.

Banana is the most exported fruit in the world, with an annual global transportation volume of more than 15 million tons. Bananas are picked before ripening and need to remain green during transportation until they reach their destination. During transportation,  precise environmental and temperature control is required to ensure that they are perfectly mature when provided to consumers.

Bananas are tropical fruits and are not resistant to storage. Because of the long transportation distance, the storage and preservation technology during transportation is very important. Banana are afraid of both high and low temperatures. When the temperature is high, they are easy to ripen and rot; If the temperature is too low, they will suffer cold damage and become black and stiff. The suitable storage and transportation temperature for banana is 13 ~ 15 ℃, and the humidity is 90 ~ 95%. Therefore, monitoring the temperature in the carriage during transportation is a top priority.

During the transportation of bananas, it is particularly important to monitor and record the temperature in the transportation vehicle. Our temperature data loggers are born for this. They can be preset an appropriate temperature range and then place it in the truck to monitor and record temperature. When the temperature exceeds the preset range, an alarm will be given. When arrive at destination, you can also check the temperature changes throughout the process to ensure that there is no deviation in the process.


Freshliance Fresh Tag 1 USB Temperature Data Logger is our main product. It has compact, cost-effective and lightweight design. With IP 67 waterproof package, it can be placed in the van. The monitor data can be directly read via PDF format by PC at destination. And it has multiple trips of 7, 15, 30, 60 or 90 days even 120 days available for you to choose, very suitable for transportation of bananas.


Fresh Tag 1D is LCD Single Use USB Data Logger with PDF Report, also with cost-effective design and low consumption. Besides, it has LCD indication. You can check real-time temperature at any time. Pre-programmed logging and alarm parameters for plug-and-go convenience. It is also perfect for recording the temperature during transportation of bananas.


Tagplus Multi-use Temperature Data Loggers USB PDF Multipurpose is our newly designed and upgrade multi-use temperature data logger, which is ideal for monitoring the temperature and humidity during banana transportation. It has LCD display to show all parameters, recording are started and stopped by pressing a button. And you can configure it before use according to your needs.

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