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Data Loggers for Hairy Crab Transportation

pageview: 2021-10-29

Everyone likes hairy crab very much because it is a very delicious. With the development of economy, hairy crab has become an indispensable delicacy on our table. The improvement of logistics capacity has expanded the distribution scope of hairy crabs, which also makes them no longer limited to coastal areas.The expanding market demand puts forward high requirements for its logistics and transportation.

Many people will choose hairy crabs as gifts for others, especially during festivals, but packaged hairy crabs are easy to die. And as a fresh product, hairy crab has a short survival cycle. So how can we ensure the freshness of hairy crabs in the process of transportation? 

In general, hairy crabs placed in the crab box can survival for 3 to 5 days, and the survival rate will decline after more than five days. Therefore, the prime transportation time of hairy crab from salvage to consumer terminal is about 72 hours. The transportation and storage temperature of hairy crab is between 2 ~ 8 ℃, and the temperature difference is required to be within 3 ℃. With such high requirements, it is obviously impossible to use traditional logistics for long-distance transportation, and the cold chain logistics rising in recent years has become the main transportation way of the hairy crab market.

Cold chain logistics mainly includes cold storage, refrigerator, refrigerator truck and other equipment. In the cold chain logistics transportation, the most important thing is to monitor the temperature of the whole logistics chain in real-time to ensure that the hairy crab is in the specified low-temperature environment during transportation,  and ensure the survival rate of them. As a company specialized in providing cold chain solutions, our temperature recorder is designed for monitoring and recording the whole process temperature of the cold chain.

Freshliance Fresh Tag 1 USB Temperature Data Logger is our main product. It is with very cost-effective design and simple to operate, smart size to minimize the space occupation. The monitor data can be directly read via PDF format by PC at destination. And it has multiple trips of 7, 15, 30, 60 or 90 days available for you to choose, very suitable for transportation of hairy crab.

BlueTag T10 is a small and compact thermometer which has Bluetooth wireless transmission function. All parameters can be set by APP on the mobile phone. Bluetooth Connection through APP, you can scan code on the package to read the temperature data of the products without unpacking. And download data and date from cloud online. It is ideal for transportation and storage of hairy crab.

Tagplus Multi-use Temperature Data Loggers USB PDF Multipurpose is our newly designed and upgrade multi-use temperature data logger, which is ideal for monitoring the temperature and humidity during hairy crab transportation. It has LCD display to show all parameters, recording are started and stopped by pressing a button. And you can configure it before use according to your needs.

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