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50 Cartons of Ethylene Absorbers Delivery to France

pageview: 2021-04-02

After several days of hard work by the staff of the production department and the quality inspection department, 50 cartons of ethylene absorbers have been packaged ready for delivery to Felida Fruits International, Strasbourg City, France. 

This is the second year that Felida Fruits International has purchased ethylene absorbers from Freshliance. Thank customers for their trust and support. It also makes us firmly believe that only with excellent product quality can we live up to the trust of customers!

Ethylene gas is an odorless, colorless gas that exists in nature and is also created by man-made sources. As fruits, vegetables and floral products mature, ethylene gas is released into their packaged environment. In many cases, perishable products (such as fruits, vegetables and flowers) are sensitive to ethylene gas and can ripen or mature quicker when exposed to ethylene gas. In addition, certain fruits and vegetables are high producers of ethylene gas thereby creating the need to separate, ship, or store produce based on their ethylene profile. By removing ethylene from the storage and shipping environment, fruits growers and shippers can reduce spoilage thereby increasing their profit by using ethylene absorber.

50 Cartons of Ethylene Absorbers Delivery to France50 Cartons of Ethylene Absorbers Delivery to France

Our ethylene absorber sachets are available with 2g,5g,10g and 20g, they will be adapted to various fruits or vegetables. It will perform excellently in the following aspects:

* Slows the aging speed of produce goods.

* Prevents spoilage.

* Prevents dehydration and browning.

* Prevents fruit hardness loss.

* Prevents contamination from microorganism and bacteria in the atmosphere.