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Perfect Choice for Fresh Cold Chain Transportation- Freshliance Temperature Data Logger

pageview: 2021-07-13

Fresh cold chain transportation has existed since ancient times, "the Smile of Imperial Concubine Yang" has opened a precedent for fresh transportation. According to the Biography of Imperial Concubine Yang in the New History of Tang Dynasty, "the Imperial Concubine Yang likes litchis very much, and she must eat fresh litchis. So a special envoy rode a horse to carry litchis for thousands of miles, and the litchis came to the Imperial Concubine Yang when it was still fresh." Li Longji, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, puzzled his brain to make the beauty smile.


Nowadays, it's not a big deal to eat fresh litchi. And it is relatively easy even if people want to eat salmon from Norway, black tiger shrimp from Thailand and fish from New Zealand. People can choose boxes of goods in the fresh freezer of the supermarket, which benefits from the fresh cold chain logistics system. And the cold chain transportation needs accurate temperature monitoring and recording, which Our temperature data logger can just meet the need.


When transporting fresh products, refrigerated trucks or vehicles with refrigeration plant are generally selected to ensure the freshness of the products. Generally, the fruits and vegetables need to be packaged by wrapping tools like cartons and plastic films to reduce the loss of fresh. to maintain the fresh of goods.

During the transportation of fresh foods, there are two problems needs to be paid attention to:

  1. Stacking method of goods transportation. Due to the irregular shape and constitution of vegetables and fruits, as well as their own attribute factors, it is necessary to consider the problems of air flow and the collisions and extrusions between goods when stacking such fresh products, and such problems are also important factors affecting the freshness and loss of the fresh products. 

  2. Temperature monitoring of transport vehicles. The temperature difference of vehicles during transportation will affect the freshness of the products, thus resulting in the damage of goods. Therefore, controlling the temperature and humidity of refrigerated vehicles is an important means to reduce the loss rate of fresh products.

When the frozen and refrigerated foods are transported by long distance or by sea, it is very important to prove that the goods have always been in the specified temperature and humidity conditions at the time of receiving. Nowadays, smart temperature and humidity data loggers are usually used in the cold chain transport vehicles to monitor the temperature and humidity, and they can provide transportation data on the road when handing over goods.


So what kind of temperature and humidity recorder should be selected in the temperature and humidity monitoring system of cold chain logistics transportation?


Our products Freshliance temperature and humidity data logger can help you, it has a small size, convenient and flexible to operate. And it can be installed on the refrigerator or shelf at will, and not easy to drop. Next, several products in detail are as followed.



Fresh BlueTag Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger Recorder can log the temperature and generate PDF report along the entire cold chain transportation; Bluetooth Connection through APP, scan code can read the temperature logging info without opening the package, both consigner and consignee could view the logging information in details from Cloud. And when the goods arrive at the destination, the customer can scan the QR code on the box to connect the device and read the temperature data in the process of transportation.


LCD Display Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers USB PDF for Shipping Reefers is specifically designed for the development of cold chain industry, widely used in food, medicine, logistics, blood, chemicals, electronics and other industries. After the data recording is completed, connect the data logger with the computer USB port, without installing any software or drivers, the temperature data logger will generate a report in PDF and CSV format automatically. The data in PDF report can be displayed in summary, tabular and graph view. And it is reusable, battery replaceable and configurable by professional end-user. So it is ideal for the transportation of fresh foods.


Freshliance Fresh Tracker 1 Temperature Monitoring Device with GPS Tracker can be put into the special refrigerated box for transportation, and provides real-time temperature and location information throughout the transport and storage time. It has a prefect temperature monitoring solution during transportation for pharmaceuticals, frozen food, fresh fruits, vegetable, fish, cold storage, etc.

The above-mentioned temperature data logger are just the tip of the iceberg, we have a wide range of cold chain solutions for you to choose from. For more information on fresh foods temperature data loggers, or to find the ideal product for your need, please check our website at for more information.