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Temperature Data Logger for Mango Transportation and Storage

pageview: 2021-09-24

As a kind of fruit growing in the tropics, Mango belongs to the sumach family (Anacardiaceae), and were first cultivated in India some 4000 years ago. Mango fruit contains a lot of high value nutrients like vitamins, protein, sugar and crude fiber. Together with the pineapple, they are considered to be the most delicious tropical fruits, and have always been loved by consumers all over the world.

Mango likes warmth and is not resistant to frost. The optimum growth temperature is 25-30 ℃, and its growth will slow when the temperature below 20 ℃. When the temperature is lower than 10℃, its leaves and inflorescences will stop growing. The annual average temperature of mango production areas in the world is more than 20 ℃, and the lowest monthly average temperature is more than 15 ℃. Therefore, The suitable temperature for mango storage and transportation can neither be high nor low. Generally, the temperature is 12℃-13℃ and the relative humidity is 85% - 90%. 

Mango is a berrylike stone fruit, which belongs to climacteric fruit. It grows in tropical and subtropical areas, so it is sensitive to low temperature. Generally, mango will suffer from cold damage at about 10℃, while high temperature accelerates its decay. Therefore, mango is a fruit that is difficult to keep fresh.

Temperature management during transportation is extremely important, as mango is a very fragile fruit. And cold chain also must be functioned properly from harvest to the market. The transportation temperature should keep between 13 ~ 15 ℃ and not lower than 11 ℃, or it will deteriorate. The preservation of mango is not only related to the economic benefits of fruit dealers, but also related to the health of consumers.

To better solve the problem of temperature monitoring during transportation of mango, you can use our temperature data logger to minimize the loss of goods during transportation. 

Freshliance Fresh Tag 1 USB Temperature Data Logger is our main product. It has a compact, cost-effective and lightweight design. Pre-programmed logging and alarm parameters for plug-and-go convenience. And it has multiple trips of 7, 15, 30, 60 or 90 days even 120 days available for you to choose, very suitable for the transportation of temperature sensitive goods like mango. 

Fresh Tag 1D is LCD Single Use Temperature Data Logger with PDF Report, also with cost-effective design and low consumption. Besides, it has LCD display, you can check real-time temperature at any time you want. And the monitor data can be directly read via PDF format by PC at destination, no extra software required.

BlueTag T10 is our newly upgrade Bluetooth temperature data logger. Bluetooth Connection through APP, you can scan code on the mango package to read the temperature data without unpacking. And download data and date from cloud online. It is ideal for monitoring the temperature during transportation and storage of mango.

To better meet your needs, please check our website or for more information of our temperature data loggers.