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Thermis Tag Time Temperature Indicator with LED for Medical Use

pageview: 2021-11-26

Thermis Tag Time Temperature Indicator with LED for Medical Use is a compact, single use temperature indicator. It records and monitors the temperature data at every step during transportation to better give alarms. When the surrounding temperature is out of the pre-setting temperature threshold, the red light will flash to indicate. This alarm is irrevocable and permanent. The Time Temperature Indicator with LED for Medical Use is an ideal solution for vaccine, protein or any temperature sensitive products shipment monitoring. The high and low temperature range can be configured easily with free cost.

Quick Ask, Quick Answer

Q: Is the logger single use or multi-use?

A: Single use.

Q: Does it has a LCD display?

A: No.

Q: Can the battery be replaced?

A: No.

Q: Are parameters configurable?

A: No.

Q: Will the logger automatically generate PDF reports?

A: No, it just flash lights to remind.

Q: Is the recorder’s alarm range configurable?

A: No, 2-8℃ (default).

Q: Does it has start delay?

A: Yes, 10mins (default).

Q: How long can the indicator work at most?

A: Up to 400 days.

Q: Is the working day optional?

A: Yes, it is adjustable for your need.

Q: Is the recording interval optional?

A: Yes, 10 seconds or more are available.

Q: How many temperature points are available?

A: Available in 2 temperature and 7 temperature points.

Q: What is the measured temperature range?

A: -30℃–+70℃/ -22℉~158℉.

Q: Is the product waterproof?

A: It has waterproof package comply with IP68.

Q: What certification has it passed?

A: CE and EN12830 compliance.

Q: What fields does it applies to?

A: Pharmaceuticals, vaccines, protein, frozen foods, fresh food, vegetables, fish, cold storage and transportation, etc.