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BlueTag T10 HACCP Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger Recorder

BlueTag T10 HACCP Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger Recorder

65,000 readings maximum memory capacity

Configure parameters through the app

Read data without opening the box

View real-time and historical data through the app

Export data files in PDF and CSV formats


As a Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger Recorder, Blue Tag T10 has a small size. It is easy to connect and operate. All parameters can be set by APP on the mobile phone. This wireless HACCP temperature sensor also can be connected unlimitedly. A sensor can be connected to an unlimited number of users on an unlimited number of Android phones. And the APP can support an unlimited number of sensors limited only by the phones. Bluetooth Connection through APP, you can scan code to read the temperature data by APP on your phone. The HACCP temperature data logger has passed CE, RoHS, and complies to EN12830 and HACCP temperature guidelines and requirements.



Easy to connect

Simply download T-keeper app, scan the QR code on the product, and the pairing will be successfully immediately.


Remote monitoring

With a 10m Bluetooth range, you’ll be notified of any temperature changes immediately just by scanning code by APP on your phone.


Accurate and real-time update

Built in Japan-made smart thermometer sensor, the temperature is accurate to ±0.5℃ at full range (-30℃ to +70℃). It provides high precise monitoring. It can record a new and accurate temperature reading every minute.


Smart app alert

You’ll receive a notification alert on your phone once temperature is out of preset range. It can help you effectively adjust the situation of your wine cellar, cigar room, greenhouse, basement or transportation in time.


Free data storage & export

Our HACCP Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger uploads data to the App when connected via Bluetooth. Enjoy 1 year of online data storage view, you can view hours, days, weeks even years of historical data and export it in PDF or CSV format.


Unlimited connection

A sensor can be connected to an unlimited number of users on an unlimited number of Android phones. The app can support an unlimited number of sensors limited only by the phones performance.

Large memory capacity

Max. 65000 readings for more data storage

    Technical Parameters


    BlueTag T10

    Memory Capacity

    65000 readings

    Shelf Life

    1 year

    Start Delay

    0 minute-72 hours

    Run Days

    1 year

    Logging Interval

     1 minute-99 minutes

    Wireless Connection

    Bluetooth 5.0, NFC (optional)


    3.0V CR2032 lithium battery

    APP Language


    APP OS


    Temperature Unit

    ℃, ℉

    Report Format

    PDF & CSV

    Temperature Range


    Temperature Accuracy

    ±0.5℃ at full range (-30℃ to +70℃)


    7.8 g




    3M stickers


    CE, RoHS, EN12830


    Blue Tag T10 Bluetooth HACCP Temperature Data Logger Recorder is very suitable for low-temperature logistics, vaccine transportation, fresh food distribution, refrigerated transportation, especially incubator transportation, which can easily realize the reading without opening the box.

    This wireless HACCP temperature sensor is also ideal for monitoring the temperature of some life scenes, such as in the house, wine cellar, cigar storage room, baby room, basement, greenhouse, etc. Within a 10m Bluetooth range, you can update and view the temperature change every minute just by clicking the refreshed interface on your phone, with no need to move a step.

    Blue Tag T10 Bluetooth data logger temperature sensor is a HACCP temperature logs product combined with Bluetooth wireless communication technology for smartphones. For the cold chain links such as storage, transportation, and distribution of temperature-sensitive products, to realize the automatic monitoring, tracking, and recording of temperature in the whole process.

    Our Bluetooth temperature data logger adopts the most advanced low-power Bluetooth technology and a high-performance integrated circuit to realize the wireless communication between the temperature data logger and the mobile Bluetooth device. It is not only compact and easy to carry but also has an effective wireless communication distance of 10 meters, which eliminates the trouble of connecting traditional logger devices, improves work efficiency, and saves working time.

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