AlertTag T10 LCD Disposable Temperature Monitor/Indicator

AlertTag T10 Temperature Indicator is a cost-effective and single use Temperature Electronics Indicator with LCD Display designed for pharmaceuticals.The Electronics Indicator records and monitors the temperature data at every step during transportation of up to 180 days duration.    Online message


AlertTag T10 Single Use Temperature Indicator with LCD Display is a disposable Electronics Temperature Indicator used for monitoring temperature sensitive products during transport, storage and handling in the cold chain logistics. For temperatures between -30°C and +70°C, up to 4 different alarm settings are programmable.  When the surrounding temperature exceeds the preset temperature, the corresponding alarm point 1, 2, 3 or 4 will be displayed on the screen to alert. This Coldmark Temp Tag is mainly developed for the pharmaceuticals industry, including vaccine, protein or any temperature sensitive products shipment monitoring, but it can also be used for temperature monitoring of fruits, vegetables and produce.


Large screen and clear display

The user-friendly LCD display can view the real-time temperature value, cumulative alarm duration and alarm status.

Available in four alarm points

When the temperature exceeds the preset value, the corresponding alarm point 1, 2, 3 or 4 will be displayed on the screen to alert.

High accuracy with long working days

The single-use indicator is cost-effective, up to 180 working days, and with shelf life of 2 years. The accuracy of temperature monitoring is within ± 0.5 ℃.

Small size and easy to place

The Electronics Indicator is small, thin and light. When transporting some temperature sensitive products, it can be directly stuck on the package to monitor temperature.

Pass multiple certifications

The indicator has passed CE certification and EN12830 compliant, and the protection grade is IP68.

Technical parameters


AlertTag T10

Working time

180 days


Single use


LCD display


70mm* 36mm* 5mm/




3.0V CR2032 lithium battaty


±0.5℃/0.9℉(full range)

Temperature Range


Alarming range

L1:0℃ L2:8℃ H3:8℃ H4:25℃

Logging Interval

≥10 s

Start delay

0-600 mins (default 60 mins)

Protection Grade



CE,EN12830 compliance


AlertTag T10 LCD Disposable Temperature Monitor/Indicator is a Temperature Indicator for blood, bio-pharmaceuticals, life sciences, biological samples, blood cold chain transportation, diagnostic reagents, including biological reagents, molecular reagents, COVID-19 reagents and cell biology agents. 

While common drugs are inorganic molecules, biologics are all active molecules. The organic components in biologics are temperature sensitive because of biological activity. So there is a need for our time temperature indicator to monitor the change of temperature in the transportation of biologics.

Products such as biologics and vaccines have a short shelf life, so the temperature change during transportation should be controlled in time. Our cost-effective, easy-to-operate Temperature Indicator for vaccine with real-time temperature display are ideal for the pharmaceutical industry and biologics.

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AlertTag T10 LCD Disposable Temperature Monitor/Indicator