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COEUS-WIFI Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

COEUS-WIFI Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Real Time live change data reviewed on cloud platform and APP

Android and iOS version both available

External probe for fridge, freezer etc.

Comprehensive LCD display, including sensor info, Max./Min. Value and communication status indication

All data configured by App easily

Two-year free online data storage

Big rechargeable battery capacity for nonstop recording

Optional ultra-low temperature monitoring, -196℃


COEUS-WIFI is a multi-use IOT data logger for real-time temperature and humidity monitoring and data storage and review. It is configurable with our APP and then all monitoring data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud through WiFi network. The external probe can be optionally selected for temperature and humidity monitoring. It can be widely used in the storage of cigars, red wine, fruits and medicines, etc.


Parameter configuration via Mobile APP 

This data logger can be easily configured with APP.

Data transmission with WIFI and IOT platform

This data logger can achieve historical data collection, statistics, and customer browsing functions through WiFi data communication technology and IOT data platform.

Persistent caching during offline mode, and data re-upload after network recovery

The data logger supports 24/7 data monitoring and uploading as configured, and allows the data to be cached on the main device during offline mode and re-uploaded after network restoration, so as to ensure the data integrity.

Large LCD screen with backlight for intuitive display

An LCD screen, 85mm*55mm, is designed to intuitively display current temperature and humidity, Max./Min. temperature and humidity, date and time, battery level and communication status, etc.

Rechargeable Battery

This data logger is designed with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery of 2600mAh, which can be available while charging, so as to ensure the long-term stability of data monitoring. A fully charged battery can work for more than half a year (built-in sensor, with an uploading interval ≥12 hours). It can be programmed with one set of high and low alarms. When any data is out of the preset limits, the red indicator light on the main device will flash to alert. And buzzer alarm isoptional.

Multiple installation modes: Folding stand, hanging, etc.

This data logger can be flexibly installed or placed anywhere according to the actual monitoring environment.

External probe optional

An external probe can be optionally set for this data logger to meet more application requirements, especially ultra-low temperature monitoring.





LCD screen

Temperature Range


(Internal sensor);




(Optional external probe)

Temperature Accuracy



Humidity Range (Internal sensor only)

0 ~ 99% (No dews)

Humidity Accuracy

≤±3% RH


USB-TypeC, NFC (optional)


5V / 1A(DC)

Standby Power Consumption

≤ 23uA

Data Upload Network


Alarm Power Consumption

≤ 90mA

Parameter Configuration Network



3.6V 2600 mAh  lithium battery, rechargeable

Charging Time

About 5 hours

Run Days

Max. 300 days

(Internal sensor, uploading interval ≥12 hours)


Products Dimension


LCD screen Dimension85mm*55mm


COEUS-WIFI wireless data logger is mainly used for indoor temperature and humidity monitoring, such as in the laboratory, pharmacy, fruit&vegetables warehouse, wine cellar, food supermarket, flower shop, baby room. With the advanced IOT network, COEUS-WIFI will automatically upload all monitoring data to the cloud. Besides, it has a large LCD screen to help users to intuitively view the current temperature and humidity, Max. and Min. temperature and humidity values, date and time, etc.

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