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Thermis Tag 1E Single-use LED Temperature Indicator

Thermis Tag 1E Single-use LED Temperature Indicator

Single use

LED indicator light

Start Delay

Max.400 days

Irreversible instant/cumulative alarm via LED indicator light (2 alarm points)

Traceable bar code


Thermis Tag 1E is a single-use LED temperature indicator with accurate time and temperature alarms. It can be stuck on the package to monitor the temperature of temperature-sensitive goods in their cold-chain logistics, such as transportation, and storage.



Small, easy to use, and cost effective

This temperature indicator features small size, easy operation and high cost performance.  

Wide measuring range (-30℃ ~ +70℃)

It also has the advantage of wide temperature measuring range over -30℃ ~ +70℃, with a high accuracy of ±0.5℃ at full range (-30℃ to +70℃), applicable to more application environments.

Start Delay available

Start Delay function is provided to better meet users’ needs and help the users to monitor temperature in a more scientific way.

Low power consumption and long service life (Max. 400 days)

The temperature indicator is powered by a 3.0V lithium battery and works with very low power consumption. Therefore, it can work for up to 400 days.

Irreversible instant/cumulative alarm via LED indicator light

The temperature indicator has three LED indicator lights to indicate its work status. And the alarm can be triggered by single event or cumulative time as the user sets. If any data is out of the preset alarm thresholds, the red LED light (High or Low) will flash every 10 seconds for alarming, which is irreversible.

2 alarm points (high and low)

The user can preset two alarm points, High and Low, with which the user can know the temperature changes in a more timely way.

Factory pre-programmed and pre-calibrated

Relevant parameters have been pre-programmed by our factory according to the users’ requirements, and pre-calibration has been made.

IP 68 protection class

With a high-quality package, the protection class for the temperature indicator is IP68, with a high waterproof and dustproof performance.

Traceable bar code

The bar code on the temperature indicator is traceable, which helps the users to easily make device management and find the device.



Thermis Tag 1E

Type of use

Single use

Measuring range

-30℃ ~ +70℃


±0.5℃ at full range (-30℃ to +70℃)

Logging interval

>10s (default: 1min)

Start Delay

0Min - 24H (default:10min)

Alarm range

2℃~+8℃ (default)

Alarm type

Cumulative time or single event

Battery type

3.0V CR2032 lithium battery

Battery life

Max. 400 Days

Protection class



CE, EN12830







It is widely used for the cold-chain links in pharmaceuticals industry, such as reefer container, refrigerator car, medicine cabinet and medicine refrigerator, to monitor the temperature of medicines, vaccines, biological samples, and blood, etc.

For temperature-sensitive medicines and goods, Thermis Tag 1E provides a new, effective and simple management mode.

Temperature-sensitive medicines and goods should be always kept in proper temperature environment during the whole logistics and storage process, from the pharmacy, the clinic to end use, etc. Improper temperature environment may affect the quality of the medicines and goods and may adversely affect the treatment and care of patients.

Thermis Tag 1E can play a great role in managing the temperature-sensitive goods. With two preset alarm points, Thermis Tag 1E can show you whether the goods are under the proper temperature and will give you an irreversible alarm once the surrounding temperature is out of the preset temperature thresholds, by single event or cumulative time. Therefore, Thermis Tag 1E can help you timely find the extremely high temperature and immediately take preventive and remedial measures, so as to reduce the loss of medicines and goods, and other financial losses.

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