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Freshliance Fresh Tracker

Freshliance Fresh Tracker

Real time temperature and humidity monitoring

Real time positioning on the E-map

Cloud storage of data

Notifications via LED indicator, Email, and SMS

Rechargeable lithium battery


freshliance-fresh-tracker-5.jpgFresh Tracker is a real time temperature and humidity data logger with location on the E-map. The logger can not only record real time and historical temperature and humidity data during the whole logistics process, but also provide real time and historical location data based on LBS base station positioning. It is an ideal instrument for logistics and quality control.


Real time monitoring and positioning

The logger can monitor real time temperature and humidity at any time. And with LBS base station positioning technology, both real time and history location data is provided on the E-map.

Data stored in the cloud, easy to manage and track

All data is stored on our could platform, easy to manage and track.

Persistent caching during offline mode, and data re-upload after network recovery 

The logger will not stop recording and storage during offline mode. And the data that is not successfully uploaded during network failure can be automatically re-uploaded after network recovery.

Real time alarm notification

An alarm will be notified via the LED indicator on the device and SMS/Email from the platform or APP.

Data filtration by date

With our free APP or web platform, the user can view the data of a certain period.  

Parameters configurable

 Start delay, logging interval, uploading interval, alarm settings, device calibration and other parameters are all configurable as needed. 

Temporary report available

 During normal working status, a temporary report can be generated by connecting the logger to a computer or remotely generated through our free APP or web platform.

Data privacy

Both the APP and web platform are password protected.

Technical parameters


Fresh Tracker

Temperature Range


Temperature Accuracy

±0.5 ℃

Humidity Range


Humidity Accuracy

±3 %RH


3M adhesive tape

Cellular Network



3.7V lithium battery (rechargeable)

Charging Port


Positioning Technology

LBS base station positioning

Memory Capacity

Max. 65,000 readings






Fresh Tracker is a real time temperature and humidity data logger with location, based on IOT platform. It is suitable for the cold-chain logistics and storage of fruits and vegetables, drinks, fresh produce, dairy products, vaccines, etc. 

The most important aspect of the cold chain is to control the temperature and humidity within a proper range, so as to maximize product performance and prolong product life cycle. With this logger, the user can remotely get real time temperature and humidity data via our free APP and web platform and take specified corrective actions to minimize the loss.

And with LBS base station positioning and 4G(LTE_Cat1)/2G technology, the logger enables the user to easily get the real time location of products and control the whole logistics route.

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