Freshliance Electronics Co., Ltd, established in 2015, is specialised in the cold chain solutions temperature and humidity dataloggers, online tracking and monitoring system in the environmental testing and recording. We serve the cold chain industry in fruits & vegetables, foods processing,seafoods, life and science, pharmaceutical,logistics etc.

We have young, talented R&D team with innovated idea, and experienced sales people. Our design and production of new technological products are uniquely maintained at our company by focusing on customer needs and demands. Rather than having the approach of selling all products to every customer, our principles are based on scientific data and present the right product to right customer.

We take the orders of “Life is fresh, Everywhere is Fresh”. The products are widely covered in the cold chain field .Our products and services are mainly focused on temperature and humidity data loggers, including Single Trip Disposable Temperature Data Logger, Multi Use Temperature Data Logger, Wireless Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger, GPS real time Temperature Data Logger and Temperature Indicator etc. Also we developed Milk Bottle Thermometer and Hygrometer according to clients need.

Our data loggers are CE, RoHS certified, EN12830 complied and validation certificate available.In addition to their stable performance, they are user friendly, with advanced functionalities, have long time durability and complied with the safety regulations. Our temperature loggers are no need for any additional software to fulfill the needs of advanced applications.

We have been exporting for 5 years, and millions of pieces products have been shipped to the professional clients and gain good reputation. In the future, our goal is to continuously provide to our customers not only more innovative, higher accurate, and better quality products, but also excellent customer services and supports.

OEM and OM order are welcome!