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Iron Tag Rugged Temperature Data Logger

Iron Tag Rugged Temperature Data Logger

Multi use, submersible

Configurable parameters

Multiple temperature ranges available: -90℃~70℃/-40℃~125℃/-50℃~145℃

±0.5℃, high accuracy

S316 stainless steel case, safe and reliable

Temporary report available

Replaceable battery

IP 67


The Iron Tag Rugged Temperature Data Logger is protected by an S316 stainless steel casing and is ideal for temperature monitoring and recording in harsh environments such as moisture, corrosion, and immersion.It can store up to 35,000 readings with an internal temperature sensor that can work at a temperature down to -90℃ or up to 145℃ with an accuracy of ±0.5℃. This device can also be configured via our free software before use, and connected to a PC via the USB port to automatically generate a report, no software required.


S316 stainless steel case and IP 67 protection class

With a S316 stainless steel case and the protection class of IP67, this data logger is safe and rugged enough for work in a harsher environment with higher moisture, corrosion and other protection requirements.

Multiple wide temperature ranges available

This data logger is available in three temperature ranges: -90℃~70℃ (-130℉~158℉), -40℃~125℃ (-40℉~257℉), -50℃~145℃ (-58℉~293℉), to adapt to more application environments.

Configurable parameters

 Start mode, start delay, logging interval, stop mode, alarm points and other parameters are configurable with our free software.

LED indicator light

The LED light will flash green or red to help users to learn about the device status, including start/stop, alarm, etc.

Temporary report

At recording status, the device can be connected to a PC via the USB port to generate a PDF report. In this process, the device will still monitor and record temperature data.

Replaceable battery

This data logger is designed for multi use. With a replaceable battery, it can better ensure the battery life and extend service time of the device.

Large memory capacity

Up to 35,000 readings for only PDF reports; Up to 20,000 readings for PDF&CSV reports. 

CE, RoHS, GMP, EN12830

This device complies with a number of international certification standards, with high stability and reliability.



Iron Tag

Temperature Range




Temperature Accuracy


±1.0℃ (other ranges)





Start Delay


Logging Interval



Software/Timed Start

Memory Capacity

PDF: 35,000 readings

PDF&CSV: 20,000 readings


USB connector


Software/Full memory


2/3AA  3.6V Lithium battery


About 99g (without battery)

About 112g (with battery)


Two alarm points

(High and low alarm)

Protection Class





Temperature monitoring and recording is essential for temperature-sensitive products. However, some monitoring environments are so rugged and severe that data loggers made of ordinary materials are hard to endure. To adapt better to the strenuous environments that may include moisture, corrosion and submersion, etc., we provide you our Iron Tag Rugged Temperature Data Logger, housed in a S316 stainless steel case. With the high protection class of IP67, this device also features good waterproof and dustproof performance.

This device can be widely used in printing and dyeing, disinfection, essential oil refining, laboratory, scientific research and other fields.


Freshliance Tools

Freshliance Tools is a desktop software for users to use Freshliance USB data loggers. It consists of three pages: Summary, Graph and History. On the Summary page, the software will first automatically identify ID, model, recording type, sensor type, battery level, status and other information of the device plugged in. And then users can configure the data logger as needed, including start mode, start delay, time zone, time format, logging interval, report format, PDF/software password, high and low alarm, etc. During or after data recording, user can also check statistical information of the device after plugging it in. Besides, the graph page provides a simple X–Y plot of time versus temperature/humidity which can be save as PNG format file, a list and a summary of all data recorded, as well as an option to export the report in PDF, CSV, TXT format; and the history page provides a list of all the devices whose report was read by this software.

The software is designed for Fresh Tag 10T/TH, Thermis Log 10T/TH, Tagplus-T/TH, Atlas Log-30/60/90/200/IUT, Rugged data logger, Keeper 1/IUT, COEUS-UEX.

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