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Fresh Keeper-IUT Dry Ice Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger

Fresh Keeper-IUT Dry Ice Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger

Specially designed for dry ice storage and transportation

Temperature range: -90℃~+70℃

35000 readings maximum memory capacity

Disposable and reusable

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS alike

Large LCD screen for intuitive display


Fresh Keeper-IUT dry ice temperature data logger  is an ideal temperature controller for ultra-low shipments that requires frequent temperature sampling intervals. This dry ice USB Sensor Temperature Data Logger is a versatile wide range Temperature Data Logger, featuring high-resolution temperature ranges of -90℃ to +70℃, for up to 35000 readings with a real temperature value display. This Ultra Low Thermometer generates a report automatically after it is connected to the computer, with no software required.


High accuracy and large capacity

Built-in high-precision NTC sensor, with a measuring accuracy of ±0.5°C and ±1℃. Up to 35,000 temperature points storage.

Dry ice grade temperature measurement

Measure temperature from ultra-low -80℃ to 70 ℃, suitable for dry ice delivery and storage.

Intuitive LCD screen

Real-time viewing of running status, Max./Min./Average Temperature, alarm status, and remaining days.

Automatic PDF/CSV data report

Automatically generating encrypted PDF report or CSV report, no software required.

CE, RoHS, EN12830

Complies to EN12830-1999 for transport, storage, and distribution of food.



Fresh Keeper-IUT




Internal NTC sensor

Memory Capacity

 35000 readings

Temperature range

-90℃~70℃ (-130℉~158℉)


±0.5℃/0.9℉ (-30℃~70℃/-22℉~158℉) ; ±1℃/1.8℉(The others)




Max. 9 points

Start Mode


Alarm range

High and low alarms; Max. 6 alarm points

Run Days

Reusable: Max. 120 days

Shelf Life

2 years


3.6V Lithium Battery


USB, NFC (optional)

Report Format


Protection Grade







CE, RoHS, comply with EN12830

Compatible OS

Windows, Mac


Fresh Keeper IUT dry Ice Sensor Temperature USB Data Logger can be used for a wide range of applications such as monitoring dry ice shipments, sea or air freight, distribution, storage and freezing, pharmaceuticals, frozen foods, and shipping containers. This stand-alone USB Temperature Sensor does not require any additional probes.

Fresh Keeper IUT dry Ice USB Sensor Temperature Data Logger is suitable for in-transit records of biopharmaceuticals, life sciences, biological samples, blood cold chain, diagnostic reagents, including biological reagents, molecular reagents, COVID-19 reagents, and cell biology agents during low temperature environment. 

Products such as biologics and vaccines have a short shelf life, so the temperature change during transportation should be controlled in time. Our USB Temperature Sensor with a real-time large temperature display is ideal for the pharmaceutical industry and biologics.


Freshliance Tools

Freshliance Tools is a desktop software for users to use Freshliance USB data loggers. It consists of three pages: Summary, Graph and History. On the Summary page, the software will first automatically identify ID, model, recording type, sensor type, battery level, status and other information of the device plugged in. And then users can configure the data logger as needed, including start mode, start delay, time zone, time format, logging interval, report format, PDF/software password, high and low alarm, etc. During or after data recording, user can also check statistical information of the device after plugging it in. Besides, the graph page provides a simple X–Y plot of time versus temperature/humidity which can be save as PNG format file, a list and a summary of all data recorded, as well as an option to export the report in PDF, CSV, TXT format; and the history page provides a list of all the devices whose report was read by this software.

The software is designed for Fresh Tag 10T/TH, Thermis Log 10T/TH, Tagplus-T/TH, Atlas Log-30/60/90/200/IUT, Rugged data logger, Keeper 1/IUT, COEUS-UEX.

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