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Thermis Log 10TH USB Temperature Humidity Data Loggers

Thermis Log 10TH USB Temperature Humidity Data Loggers

±0.3℃ and ±3%RH High accuracy for pharmaceuticals

Parameters configurable

Temporary temperature, Mark available

Built-in certificate verification

IP65 Professional protection grade

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS alike


Thermis Log 10TH Single use Temperature Humidity Data Logger features an LCD screen and a measurement accuracy of ±0.3°C for temperature and ±3%RH for humidity. It is ideal for sensitive products transport and storage, especially pharmaceuticals. The logger is of food-grade and waterproof packaging material, compact, thin.


Thermis Log 10TH Single-use Temperature and Humidity Data Logger has bulit-in calibration verification. PDF and CSV report are available to get after the logger is connected to the PC directly without any additional software


Long working time with high accuracy

Max. 90 days with temperature accuracy of ±0.3℃ F.S. and humidity accuracy of ±3% RH, suitable for the pharmaceutical industry

Parameters programmable

Parameters are configurable before start. Up to 6 alarm points can be made.

Large memory capacity

Max. 65,000 readings memory capacity

Large LCD Screen

Large screen displays real-time temperature data and humidity, alarm status, Max. Min. Avg. etc.

Automatic report generation

Irreversible PDF/CSV reports is generated without software after the logger is connected to PC. Temporary report is available.

Mark function

Up to 9 marks can be made in the recording trip, convenient for users to mark some key events.



Thermis Log 10TH

Type of Use

Single use

Temperature Range


Temperature Accuracy

±0.3℃ F.S.

Humidity Range


Humidity Accuracy


Battery Life

Max. 120 days



Logging Interval



USB, NFC (optional)

Start Delay


Protection Grade


Memory Capacity

Max. 65,000 readings




Max. 9 marks

Alarm Points

Max. 6 alarm points







Freshliance Thermis Log 10TH Single Use sensor temperature USB data logger adopts the sensor made in Japan. And the USB temperature sensor is suitable for pharmaceuticals, food, life science, cooler boxes, medical cabinets, fresh food cabinets, freezers, or laboratories that request high accuracy. Freshliance provides all kinds of temperature data logging or temperature and humidity data logging solutions to make sure every change in the whole cold chain solution will be traced and recorded irreversible, PDF Logging, CSV temperature history, and online IOT logging in any format are available.


Freshliance Tools

Freshliance Tools is a desktop software for users to use Freshliance USB data loggers. It consists of three pages: Summary, Graph and History. On the Summary page, the software will first automatically identify ID, model, recording type, sensor type, battery level, status and other information of the device plugged in. And then users can configure the data logger as needed, including start mode, start delay, time zone, time format, logging interval, report format, PDF/software password, high and low alarm, etc. During or after data recording, user can also check statistical information of the device after plugging it in. Besides, the graph page provides a simple X–Y plot of time versus temperature/humidity which can be save as PNG format file, a list and a summary of all data recorded, as well as an option to export the report in PDF, CSV, TXT format; and the history page provides a list of all the devices whose report was read by this software.

The software is designed for Fresh Tag 10T/TH, Thermis Log 10T/TH, Tagplus-T/TH, Atlas Log-30/60/90/200/IUT, Rugged data logger, Keeper 1/IUT, COEUS-UEX.

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