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BlueTag TH20 Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

BlueTag TH20 Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Paired by Bluetooth and review history by APP

Support Android and IOS

Comprehensive data analysis, filtration and graphing

Data synchronization among multiple users. 

Multilingual app

Free data filtering by minute

Battery replaceable


BlueTag TH20 is a multi-use Bluetooth temperature and humidity data logger based on Bluetooth wireless communication technology. With our free mobile APP, users can remotely configure parameters, and view and export all monitoring data, without opening packages, fridges, containers, etc. Besides, all data viewed by one user will be automatically synchronized to other users from the cloud, supporting multiple users to view online simultaneously. This Bluetooth temperature recorder also has a large LCD screen to intuitively display current temperature/humidity value, max./min. value, etc. 


Paired by Bluetooth and review history by APP

When in range, users can easily pair this Bluetooth data logger via Bluetooth communication, and then use Freshliance's free APP Tkeeper to remotely program this data logger and view all recorded data, no need to open the container or vehicles, etc., so as to minimize the adverse effect on the cold chain monitoring.

Comprehensive data analysis, filtration and graphing

This APP features powerful data analysis, filtration and graphing functionality, with the automatically analyzed results of max., min., avg., and MKT value, etc., so as to help users to view all data more intuitively.

Data synchronization among multiple users

This collaborative APP supports multiple users to view online simultaneously. When one user uses the APP to view the recorded data of the data logger, all the data viewed will be automatically synchronized to other users.  

Free data cloud storage for 2 years

All data can be stored at our cloud platform for 2 years at no cost.

Support Android and IOS

This APP is available in Android and iOS versions.

Battery replaceable

This Bluetooth data logger is designed for multiple use and its battery is replaceable, so as to ensure a longer service life.

Multilingual user interface

The Tkeeper APP supports multiple languages, including Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Arabic, etc., more friendly for users to use.

Data filtration by minute at no cost

Data filtering is the process of narrowing down the most relevant information from a large dataset using specific conditions or criteria. For data export, the APP allows users to filter and sort data by minute at no cost. It makes the analysis more focused and efficient.



BlueTag TH20

Memory Capacity

65,000 readings

Shelf Life

1 year

Start Delay

0 minute-72 hours

Battery Life

200 days

Logging Interval

1 minute-99 minutes

Wireless Connection

Bluetooth 5.2


3.0V CR2032 lithium battery

APP Language

English, Chinese


Android, IOS

Temperature Unit

℃, ℉

Report Format


Temperature Range


Temperature Accuracy

±0.5℃ F.S.

Humidity Range


Humidity Accuracy







3M adhesive tape, magnetic suction


CE, CE-RED, EN12830


BlueTag TH20 LCD Bluetooth HACCP Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Recorder is very suitable for monitoring the temperature and humidity of medicine, refrigerator food, warehouses, laboratories, museums, smart home, agriculture, musical instrument maintenance, cold storage, etc. 

This Bluetooth data logger enables users to remotely view and share all monitoring data from the cloud. For transport use, the logger will be directly put in the transportation box and transported together with the goods. Users can remotely get the temperature/humidity inside the box by scanning the QR code outside of the box, no need to open the box. Both the consignor and the consignee can export the report via the mobile APP, with signature and email sending service.



Tkeeper is a mobile APP designed for Freshliance Bluetooth temperature and humidity data loggers. Both Android and iOS versions are available. This APP works with wireless communication via Bluetooth technology. It supports remote device configuration and control, online data viewing, filtration, analysis and synchronization among multiple users, as well as data export with signature and email service. It also features powerful graphing functionality and automatic data analysis with the results of Max., Min., Avg. and MKT values, etc., as well as free data cloud storage for 2 years.

It works with BlueTag T10, BlueTag TH10, BlueTag TH20, and BlueTag 30. Multiple devices can be added to the APP simultaneously, so as to help users to manage both devices and data efficiently. And for a device with multiple monitoring channels (with one or two external probes), the APP will automatically identify the probes and support separate configuration, data viewing and export for each monitoring channel.

In addition, this APP supports multiple languages, such as English, Chinese, German, Russian, and Portuguese, Spanish etc., and some practical performance, such as template management, files management and group management.

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