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Freshliance Fresh Tracker 1

Freshliance Fresh Tracker 1


Freshliance Fresh Tracker 1 Temperature Monitoring Device with GPS Tracker could offer global shipping location tracing with temperature monitor in real time;

Provide Free real-time temperature and location tracking via Web or App on-line monitoring;

Combine with GPRS wireless communication;

GPRS temperature monitoring,GPS location tracking, data uploading and instruction releasing, etc.;

Report location automatically and collect cargo transportation track.


Freely parameter setting at the cloud.

Real-time GPS location/GPRS data uploading, data collection by Temperature Humidity Controller, and report collection message actively.

Real-time GPS location and GPRS temperature monitoring and tracking.

Constantly recording function during the cloud connection break, and dual MCU design to ensure that the data of this Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitor is not lost in an emergency.

Location shown on E map.

Intelligent terminal applications, data storage in Cloud permanently, and parameter can be set according to customer requirement, no additional software needed.

Easy-to-operate cloud solution.

Manage the real time alerts, and support SMS, mail, platform early warning and APP push.

Long shelf time.

Support the platform printing out data, real-time historical data of live phone APP Bluetooth printing.

Complies to EN12830-1999 for transport storage, distribution of food

The platform adopts B/S+C/S architecture, which can communicate with user platform data and support the secondary development of user platform.

Technical parameters


GPS Tracker

Working Days

30-90 days

Memory capacity

65000 readings

communicating junctions

GPS transport data, NFC (optional)

Logging Interval

1-99min adjustable

Life time

 The low temperature 5min was collected and uploaded for 8 days, and the 12min collection was uploaded for 15 days.

Measurement range



Data to print

Support the platform printing out data, real-time historical data of live phone APP Bluetooth printing




Positioning function

 GPS location(To prevent signal interruption, Constantly recording function during the cloud connection break.)


92mm L*60mm W*32mm H

Temperature and humidity probe number

built-in temperature (optional temperature and humidity)

Instrument parameter setting

User Settings via the cloud, no software installed.

Alarm way

message, E-mail, platform, APP push


Freshliance Fresh Tracker 1 Temperature Monitoring Device with GPS Tracker is important to cold chain transportation for perishable product, especially the food product. Non-breaking cold chain could guarantee food product to maintain high quality and optimum shelf life. 

For fruits and vegetables, the most important thing is to prevent them ripening too early. Fruits, vegetables and flowers are highly perishable commodities that require proper environmental monitoring in post-harvest processing to maximize freshness, quality and shelf life from the field to the table.

The environmental condition of temperature-sensitive products must be carefully monitored and documented during handling and storage, to ensure food safety, quality and a longer shelf life, especially for highly perishable products such as produce, dairy, seafood, meat, poultry and floral product.

Freshliance Fresh Tracker 1 Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor with GPS Tracker is a necessary evidence for the produce owner and the cold chain carrier if the cold chain performance objection is required.

Freshliance provide all kinds of temperature data logging or temperature and humidity data logging solutions to make sure every change in whole cold chain solution will be traced and recorded irreversible, PDF Logging, CSV temperature history, online IOT logging in any format are available.

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