COEUS-UEX Ultra Low Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

COEUS-UEX is a reusable, battery rechargeable, user programmable, high-accuracy ultra low temperature and humidity data logger with large temperature humidity display. It has external probe with wire of 2 meters, can measure the temperature of most extreme environments.    Online message


COEUS-UEX is a multi-use, battery-rechargeable and configurable ultra low temperature and humidity data logger with large temperature humidity display. The built-in PDF / CSV file generation function enable this Thermometer Hygrometer to directly generate irreversible data reports in PDF / CSV format by connecting the logger with the PC, no software required. This Ultra Low Temperature Sensor Data Logger is a versatile wide-range Temperature Humidity Controller with a high-resolution temperature range of -90°C/-200°C to +70°C,  for up to 35,000 readings with real-time temperature data and time. This Temperature and Humidity Monitor can be used in fields like medical industry, food industry, production workshop, agricultural research, biological laboratory, etc.


Intuitive large LCD display

Real-time viewing of Current temperature and humidity, Max/Min Temperature and humidity, date and time, and battery level.

High accuracy and large data capacity

External probe with wire of 2 meters can measure temperature as low as -200℃ with high accuracy. Up to 35,000 memory capacity.

Audible and visual alarm

The Temperature Humidity Meter can be set 3 groups of high and low temperature alarms. When the temperature exceeds the preset value, the beep alarm will be active with red light flash to alert.

Switchable built-in and external sensors

You can select built-in or external sensor measurement at the first use as needed, you can also switch the built-in and external sensor during use by short press the button.

Battery Rechargeable with long working days

Adopting a rechargeable lithium battery, work up to 500days for inner probe.

Temporary report history available

Temporary report will be automatically generated when the ultra low Temperature Sensor is connected to USB port of the computer.

Technical Papameters


Multiple use


Digital sensor for inner probe and PT100 for external probe
Memory Capacity

35000 readings

Temperature Accuracy


±1℃ (-200℃~+70℃)

Temperature Range-30℃~+55℃ (Internal probe); -90℃~+200℃/-200℃~90℃(External probe)Start ModeManual
Humidity Range0% ~ 99%(Internal probe)Logging Interval10 seconds - 2hours
Humidity Accuracy


Alarm TypeLCD indication, audible and visual alarm
Battery3.6V Lithium Battery,Battery rechargeableOperating Life

Max. 180 days for external probe

Max. 500 days for inner probe

Shelf Life2 yearsDisplayCurrent temperature and humidity values, Max. and Min. temperature and humidity values, Mark event, date and time.
ButtonStart/Stop/View/MarkReport FormatAutomatic PDF/CSV/PDF+CSV report
ConnectionType C,USB2.0 ConnectorCertificationCE,RoHS
Dimension107mm*32mm*78mm,160gCompatible OSWin7/8/10
Alarm RangeUp to 3 groups of high and low alarmsShip in accordance withIATA Dangerous Good Regulations;UN3091,Packing Instruction 970 Section II -Excepted Litgium Metal  and Lithiun Alloy Cells and Batteries.


COEUS-UEX Ultra Low Temperature data logger with large temperature humidity display can be used for the preservation of drugs, blood serum and chemical reagents in pharmaceuticals industry and biochemical laboratories. These biological products need to be stored in a constant temperature and humidity environment. The temperature and humidity data during storage can be used as the factual basis for medical malpractice identification. 

Production plants and warehouses in the food industry need Temperature Sensor temperature data loggers to record temperature and humidity to ensure the quality of production at all stages.

Clean workshops are widely used in many electronic industries. The production and processing of integrated circuits and SMD manufacturers have high requirements for temperature and humidity. So temperature data loggers are also needed to monitor and record temperatures.

Agricultural research has certain requirements for temperature and humidity in the environment. So humidity and temperature controllers are needed to record temperature for a long time.

COEUS-UEX Ultra Low Data Logger Temperature Sensor is a room temperature humidity controller. This Thermometer Hygrometer can be used in museums and archives, which also require precious items to be kept in a certain temperature and humidity environment. So this Temperature Sensors also are needed to record real-time temperature to ensure their integrity.

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COEUS-UEX Ultra Low Temperature and Humidity Data Logger