Atlas Log-90 Multi-use Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger—SwiTrace IPST8.CRYO/SwiTrace IPMT8.CRYO

Temperature range: -90℃~+200℃ Suitable for dry ice freezing, vaccines.

Multi-use, parameters configurable 

User selectable and customizable temperature range

Up to 6 alarm points can be set

Mark and pause function

Provision of temporary reports

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS alike

Automatic generation of encrypted reports

Outperform SwiTrace IPST8.CRYO/SwiTrace IPMT8.CRYO



Atlas Log—SwiTrace IPST8.CRYO/SwiTrace IPMT8.CRYO Series are multi-use, configurable, battery-replaceable temperature loggers with external probes featuring high-resolution temperature ranges of -90℃ to +200℃. Atlas Log Temperature Data Logger —SwiTrace IPST8.CRYO/SwiTrace IPMT8.CRYO  is equipped with LCD screen, which can view real-time temperature data. Its capacity reaches Max. 35000 readings. Professional users can use the configuration software to configure parameters, and after completing the trip, an encrypted report can be automatically generated. Temporary mode allows the device to continue working after the user generates and reads a temporary report. This temperature data logger is designed for cold chain logistics, storage and transportation. It is an ideal solution for ultra-low temperature transportation and temperature monitoring that requires frequent temperature recording.


Parameters configurable 

Parameters can be freely configured through the configuration software.

Replaceable battery

Its battery can work for up to 180 days. The battery can be replaced and reused.

Alarm points and markers

Up to 6 alarm points can be set, and up to 9 markings can be made.

Password protection

Password can be set to prevent others from operating the equipment without authorization.

High precision

The external probe can measure temperature from -90℃ to +200℃ with high accuracy. 

Intuitive LCD display

LCD displays all parameters: normal, alarm, max/min/average temperature value, running status, and battery level.

Temporary Report Available

Temporary mode allows the device to continue working after the user generates and reads a temporary report. Current data information can be read via configuration software.

Automatic PDF/CSV Reports

It can automatically generate PDF/CSV/PDF+CSV reports with graphs and tables without additional software.

Both LCD alarm indication and buzzer alarm available

Once the temperature out of the presetting alarm range, the alarm symbol(x) will be displayed on the LCD screen, and the buzzer will emit an alarm sound of 60 decibels at 3m.


Temperature units switchable

Celsius (℃) and Fahrenheit (℉) can be freely switched.


Large memory capacity

Max. 35000 readings for only PDF reports; Max. 20000 readings for PDF&CSV reports. 



Atlas Log-90



Run Days

Max. 90 days

Memory Capacity

PDF: Max. 35000 readings; PDF&CSV: Max. 20000 readings

Temperature Range

-90℃~+200℃ (external probe)

Temperature Accuracy


Alarm Type

LCD screen display, buzzer (about 60dB at 3m)

LCD Screen Display

Normal, Alarm, Max/Min/Average Temperature Value, Running Status



Logging Interval

1 minute-24 hours

Start Delay

0 minute-24 hours

Report Format

Automatic PDF/CSV report


USB, NFC (optional)

Compatible OS

Windows, Mac





Protection Grade



CE, ROSH, EN12830


Atlas Log —SwiTrace IPST8.CRYO/SwiTrace IPMT8.CRYO  Series are multi-use temperature loggers with LCD screens and external probes featuring high-resolution temperature ranges of -30℃to +70℃, -90℃ to +200℃, and -200℃ to +90℃. It is an ideal choice for ultra-low temperature transportation and temperature monitoring solutions requiring frequent temperature recording. It is used to record and monitor the ultra-low temperatures in cold storage, cold chain transportation, and dry ice storage environment.  

Biological products such as vaccine reagents are extremely temperature-sensitive and temperature changes during storage and transportation should be monitored and controlled in time. The Atlas Log temperature data logger with a real-time temperature display —SwiTrace IPST8.CRYO/SwiTrace IPMT8.CRYO  is ideal for the pharmaceutical industry and biological products. It can be used for continuous recording of biopharmaceuticals, life sciences, biological samples, pharmaceutical cold chain, vaccine cold chain, blood cold chain, and diagnostic reagents (including biological reagents, molecular reagents, covid-19 reagents, and cell biology reagents) in a low-temperature environment.

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