Wireless HACCP Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

COEUS-WIFI is a multi-use, user programmable, laboratory grade, battery rechargeable, high-accuracy WIFI HACCP temperature and humidity data logger with large LCD screen.It also has external HACCP temperature probe to measure the temperature for a wide range of scenarios.

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COEUS-WIFI is a configurable and battery-rechargeable WIFI HACCP temperature and humidity data logger with LCD display, which can generate PDF and CSV files. The built-in PDF / CSV file generation function enable HACCP temperature sensor to directly generate unmodifiable data reports in PDF / CSV format by inserting the logger into the PC, no software required. This wireless temperature and humidity data logger can be used to monitoring and record the temperature in warehouse, museums, archives, production plants and laboratory, etc.


Large screen and real time temperature display

Real-time viewing of Current temperature and humidity, Max/Min Temperature and humidity, date and time, and battery level.

Bluetooth communication technology

With the Bluetooth App software provided by our company, you can quickly and accurately set various parameters of the product .

Audible and visual alarm

Our Wireless HACCP Temperature and Humidity Monitor can be programmed with alarm limits of 1 groups of high and low alarms. Should the temperature reach levels outside these limits, the beep alarm will be active with red light flash to alert.

Multi-use and highly accurate

Built-in sensor can measure the temperature of -20℃~50℃ with high accuracy. Suitable for real-time temperature and humidity monitoring during storage. 

Long working time and Battery rechargeable

Adopting a rechargeable lithium battery, up to 360 working days (the working days depends on the specific purpose).

WiFi networking data transmission

Combined with IOT data platform, this data logger can achieve historical data collection, statistics and customer browsing functions through WiFi data communication technology.

Technical parameters


CEOUS-WIFI Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Temperature Range

-20℃ ~ 50℃ (Internal probe)

Temperature Range

0 ~ 99% (Non condensation environment)


≤±0.5℃ (Temperature)        

≤±3% (Humidity)




5V / 1A(DC)

Standby Power Consumption


Alarm Power Consumption

≤ 90mA

Single Charging Time

About 5 hours

Data Upload Network


Parameter Configuration Network



3.6V 2600 mAh  Lithium Battery, rechargeable


LCD display

Operating Life

Max. 360 days

Case Size


Display Size55mm*85mm




The COEUX-WIFI HACCP room temperature humidity controller can be placed in the living room, baby room and other rooms in the house to display the temperature and humidity in real time. You can judge the environment of the room according to the temperature and humidity.

The field of agricultural research is very concerned about environmental temperature and humidity. Agricultural greenhouse planting needs this wireless HACCP temperature and humidity data logger to monitor and record temperature and humidity, so as to ensure the healthy growth of vegetables.

Production workshops and warehouses in the food industry also have a strict HACCP temperature requirements for temperature and humidity in the environment. So temperature humidity recorder is used to ensure the production quality of all links.

There are many precious cultural relics in the museum. They must be kept in a certain temperature and humidity environment. This wireless temperature and humidity monitor can monitor the temperature and humidity for a long time to ensure that they are under the appropriate temperature and humidity.

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Wireless HACCP Temperature and Humidity Data Logger