Wireless Ultra Low Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

COEUS-WIFI Ultra Low Temperature and Humidity Data Logger is a multi-use, user programmable, laboratory grade, battery rechargeable, high-accuracy wireless temperature and humidity sensor with large LCD screen.The user can view the data in PDF and CSV format.

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COEUS-WIFI Ultra Low Thermograph is a configurable and battery-rechargeable WIFI temperature and humidity data logger with large temperature humidity display, which can generate PDF and CSV files. The built-in PDF / CSV file generation function enable this WIFI Thermometer Hygrometer to directly generate unmodifiable data reports in PDF / CSV format by inserting the Thermometer into the PC, no software required. This Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor can be used to monitoring and record the temperature for foods, pharmaceuticals, and other products during their storage and transport.


Large screen and real time temperature display

Real-time viewing of Current temperature and humidity, Max/Min Temperature and humidity, date and time, and battery level.

Temporary report history available

Temporary report will be automatically generated when the Ultra Low Thermometer is connected to USB port of the computer.

Audible and visual alarm

Built-in and external sensor can measure ultra low temperature to -200℃ with high accuracy. Suitable for dry ice and liquid nitrogen storage and transportation. Up to 35,000 temperature points storage.

Long working time and Battery rechargeable

Adopting a rechargeable lithium battery, up to 500 working days for inner probe only (the working days depends on the specific purpose).

Automatic PDF/CSV data report

Connect the Temperature Humidity Meter with the PC will directly generate data reports in PDF / CSV format, no software required.

Technical parameters


WIFI Ultra Low Temperature and Humidity Data Logger


Digital sensor for inner probe and PT100 for external prode

Temperature Range

-30℃~+55℃ (Internal probe); -90℃~+200℃/-200℃~90℃(External probe)

Temperature Accuracy


±1℃ (Others)




About 160g

Humidity Range

0% ~ 99%(Internal probe)

Humidity Accuracy



35000 readings

Alarm Type

LCD indication, audible and visual alarm


Max. 9 marks


3.6V 2600 mAh  Lithium Battery, rechargeable


LCD display


Type-C - USB2.0

Operating Life

Max. 180 days for external probe

Max. 500 days for inner probe only

Report Format


Alarm Range

Up to 3 groups of high and low alarms

Configurable Parameters

Time Zone, Start Delay, Recording Interval, 6 Alarm Points, Recording Duration,Temperature Unit, Time Format,Device name etc.


Our COEUX-WIFI ultra low temperature humidity recorder has external probe with wire of 2 meters, can record and monitor the ultra-low temperature in cold storage, cold chain transportation and dry ice storage environment.

The biochemical laboratory needs to record the temperature and humidity of the experiment, so digital temperature humidity sensor is needed to monitor the temperature in the environment.

The preservation of drugs, blood samples, serum and chemical reagents in the medical industry needs constant temperature and humidity. Our WIFI ultra low temperature and humidity data logger can monitor and record the temperature and humidity of the whole storage process.

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Wireless Ultra Low Temperature and Humidity Data Logger