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BlueTag T10 Insulin Using Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger

BlueTag T10 Insulin Using Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger

65,000 readings maximum memory capacity

Configure parameters through the app

Read data without opening the box

View real-time and historical data through the app

Export data files in PDF and CSV formats


Blue Tag T10 is a highly versatile Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger Recorder. It features with high resolution temperature ranges of 2℃ to +8℃. It can be used in tight spaces where compliance monitoring is required. All parameters can be set by APP on the mobile phone. You can place the Bluetooth temperature data logger next to the insulin in the refrigerator. Connect to WIFI and get temperature data directly on the phone. Or place the Bluetooth temperature data logger in your insulin or growth hormone bag when you travel, and read the temperature data directly via Bluetooth.


Easy to connect 

Simply download T-keeper APP, scan the QR code on the product, and the pairing will be successful immediately. 

Small, light-weight design

With a smaller size of 48 x 31 x 5mm, this space-saving device is compact and lightweight, you can easily place or stick this temperature data logger anywhere.

Remote monitoring

With a 10m Bluetooth range, you’ll be notified of any temperature changes immediately just by scanning the code by APP on your phone.

Smart app alert

When the storage temperature of insulin or growth hormone is out of 2℃-8℃, you’ll receive a notification alert on your phone immediately. 

Accurate and real-time update

Equipped with built-in Japan-made smart thermometer sensor, the temperature is accurate to ±0.5℃ at full range (-30℃ to +70℃). It helps you keep track of insulin or growth hormone in your bag when you're out and track their refrigerated status when you're at home at any time. 

Free data storage & export

Our Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger uploads data to the App when connected via Bluetooth. Enjoy 1 year of online data storage view, you can view hours, days, weeks even years of historical data and export it in PDF or CSV format.

Large memory capacity

Max. 65000 readings for more data storage



BlueTag T10

Memory Capacity

65000 readings

Shelf Life

1 year

Start Delay

0 minute-72 hours

Run Days

1 year

Logging Interval

1 minute-99 minutes

Wireless Connection

Bluetooth 5.0, NFC (optional)


3.0V CR2032 lithium battery

APP Language

English, Chinese



Temperature Unit

℃, ℉

Report Format


Temperature Range

2℃~ +8℃

Temperature Accuracy

±0.5℃ at full range (-30℃ to +70℃)


7.8 g




3M stickers


CE, RoHS, EN12830


After insulin has been manufactured and transferred to the pharmacy through the cold supply chain, people with insulin-dependent diabetes should store the medication adequately at home. Typically, insulin is stored in a home refrigerator before used and then carried out in a vial. So improper storage may affect its effectiveness at the time of use. And our Bluetooth temperature data logger can be kept in the refrigerator or carried around in your bag, and you can check the temperature data at any time via WIFI on your phone.

Growth hormone, like insulin, needs to be stored in a home refrigerator prior to use. Our Bluetooth temperature data logger can be placed next to the growth hormone to monitor and record the temperature in the refrigerator. When you are traveling or on a business trip, you need to carry your growth hormone with you. Our temperature logger is small and lightweight and can be placed in your bag with the growth hormone to monitor its temperature at any time. You can view the historical and current temperature records at any time via Bluetooth on your phone.

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